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ADA Risk Assessments

Whether you’re a business owner or managing operations at a municipal agency, we are equipped to identify areas in your business or operations that may put you at risk for ADA non-compliance. Understanding the needs and limitations of businesses and municipalities, our bespoke risk assessments craft a plan of action that finds the right balance to keep your business and agency safely and successfully operating, while mitigating the risk of liability, and ideally preventing future ADA lawsuits against you. Our risk assessments can include review and analysis of your physical buildings, public right-of-way within your jurisdiction or responsibility, website and design accessibility, and even employment practices, plus more.


The ADA can be a complicated statute to fully understand, especially as it applies to your business or operations. With our extensive background, we are ready to train you, your employees, or contractors with live or remote instruction and distribution of training material for reference. We can train on ADA 101 basics if you are new to the world of accessibility needs and requirements, or in the alternative, can provide more advanced instruction on specific issues and best practices. The options for training topics are vast and can range based on your specific needs.

Bottom-Up Program Development

Whether a result of your proactive effort to avoid costly litigation or in the alternative, a necessary means to comply with court-mandated orders, you may be needing assistance in creating an entirely new program or service in order to achieve compliance with the ADA. We have the tools to get that started from the bottom up. Our team can identify the necessary resources needed, in funding or personnel, and help create standard operating procedures, protocols and processes that can ensure your business or operations are meeting the needs of the disabled community without causing undue burdens to your successes. With our network and longstanding relationships with advocates and disabled communities, your new and enhanced program and services is guaranteed to be tested and approved.

ADA Transition Planning & Self-Evaluation

One of the key components of ADA compliance is conducting an evaluation of your business or operational practices, where key elements of your services and facilities are assessed in order to determine where barriers to accessibility exist. To ensure the proper assessment, our team can create ADA checklists, recommend improvements, and identify areas of compliance. Following this, we will draft and finalize a Transition Plan that concisely summarizes findings of the self-evaluation process, including complying with the requirement to provide a public comment period.

Employment Practices and Reasonable Accommodations

The ADA is not just about providing an equitable world for the disabled, where they can benefit from the same services and programs as others. It also requires that employees are afforded a workplace where accommodations can be offered in the event where unexpected life events occur, such as disability or familial needs. We can help craft defensible employment policies and practices that protect your employees, as well as meet the needs of your business or operations without posing an undue burden. Development of reasonable accommodation forms, internal written policies, and training can help create and foster a workplace that benefits all.

Compliance Monitoring and Progress

Half the work in achieving ADA compliance is in the implementation phase, where your service or program is operating in an accessible format, or where your physical facilities no longer pose barriers to access. The other half is ensuring that the accessibility is ongoing, through maintenance and compliance monitoring. Our team can help develop template reports, and offer guidance on reliable and user-friendly data tracking and management systems, whether for internal purposes, or for public use.


ADA Practical Solutions Partners provides creative and workable solutions to your organization’s accessibility risks and challenges.

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